Above Ground Water Storage System

The Westeel Above Ground Water Storage System represents the best value offering the lowest acquisition cost, simplest to transport and easiest to install modular pond option on the market today.

Westeel Above Ground Storage Systems are ideal for environmentally responsible storage and evaporation of load fluids, fresh water, formation fluids, waste fluids, brine; as well as many other markets where the short and long term requirements of large volume fluid management are required.

Extremely economical, a typical pond pays for itself after just two uses (compared to renting). The system costs less to transport as most installs can fit onto a single truck and site preparation costs are minimal as perfect leveling isn't required.

Westeel’s  Speed Plate™ system (patent pending) reduces assembly and disassembly time as panels are locked together securely using a series of five bolted plates along all vertical seams. This system allows a six-person install crew to safely erect or disassemble a pond in similar times to heavy welded-panel systems without the use of anything larger than a five-ton picker truck

Westeel recommends the use of engineered liner systems. Please consult your Westeel sales representative for more information.

Additional features and benefits:

  • Incremental capacities running from 13,000 to 132,000 barrels (392,885 to 5,500,000 U.S. gallons)
  • Low installation costs as smaller crews are required and no crane rental is needed.
  • Super-strong, lightweight panels
  • Precision cutting and hole punching for easy fit and assembly
  • Westeel’s  Speed Plate™ system (patent pending) reduces assembly and disassembly time, ideal for short term or rental storage
  • Smart, customizable design
  • Reusable system that can stand up to numerous installs over its product life
  • Modular design also allows for easy expansion, maintenance and repair (if needed)
  • Exceeds American Water Works Association Standard D103-09
  • Will accommodate dual liner systems & floating covers (optional)
  • Smaller diameters and  heights available for drilling waste storage for liquids, solids or liquid/solid combinations
  • Exportable or sea can friendly (many ponds can fit in 20’ or 40’ ocean shipping containers)
  • Professionally engineered and manufactured in Westeel's ISO certified facility

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