Brewery Bulk Malt Barley Storage Bins

The craft brewing market is one of the fastest growing beverage markets in North America. At Westeel we've got the storage solutions to help brewers maximize scale and profitability.

The evolution of the typical craft brewery is quite simple.  A dreamer puts together enough money and sweat equity to bring a lifelong passion to reality.  The brewery is ready to go, complete with everything inside the building required to bring those first kegs to reality.  The brewery gets a cult following in the local market and begins to branch out to bars and beer stores outside of the home market.  (Hopefully) growth ensues.

Wait.  We missed a step!

The typical craft brewery starts by purchasing bags of malting barely from one of many specialty malting companies across North America.  This process is cheap, simple and, while potentially backbreaking, fits with the smaller scale needs of the typical startup brewery.  Eventually, though, many breweries outgrow the bag approach in favour of bulk deliveries.

Did you know that the savings achieved buying bulk malt can pay for a bulk storage bin in months, not years!

This is where Westeel comes in.  Westeel's bulk malt barley storage bins are the perfect addition to any maturing craft brewery or large scale brew pub across North America.  Fabricated in Western Canada, Westeel, backed by our parent company AGI, has been building grain storage products for more than a century.  

Want more proof?  Here's a quick case study:

A popular regional craft brewer in the Western Canadian prairies did the math on the addition of a bulk storage bin to their operation.  Producing approximately 1000 hectolitres per quarter, this brewery was consuming nearly 22 metric tonnes of malt barley every three months, with some fluctuation based on the type of beer being produced. They determined that the would require a 50 cubic meter bin to store their quarterly requirements.  Believe it or not, they went too small, but they were right in moving to a bin.  The savings was $0.37 per kg in this example to move from bagged product to bulk.  That's a savings of more than $7,400 CAD per bulk load.  This was the correct business choice and the bin paid for itself in 2 loads.

The tried and tested Westeel 12' diameter x 27' tall model 1212 bin on a 55 degree cone is the smallest choice that we recommend for a 1,500 to 1625 bushel load. Many breweries would rather have a buffer, so we also recommend our 2,000 bushel option.  At 70 cubic meters, these bins can take a full load of 22 metric tonnes of malt barley with enough room that the bin is never empty.

Off the beaten path?  Difficult to get to?  We've got an answer for that too...

Westeel is a total storage solution provider.  Bins are available in factory fabricated smoothwall styles and field erected, galavanized steel configurations.  Generally speaking, factory fabricated bins are as close to plug and play as you can get.  These bins ship directly from the factory on specialty tip trailers and the driver erects the bin - within reason of course - at the final resting point.  Galvanized bins are a little different.  They ship to site unassembled and must be erected by a qualified building crew.  That said, where freight is an issue, a galvanized bin may be your best choice.  Let us know your situation and we'll be happy to run through your options.

Is there a solution for spent grain?

Storage is storage.  We realize that spent grain can be a huge pain - and we certainly do not promise that we can find a farmer to take it off your hands - our bins are more than suitable for spent grain storage.  The payback isn't great, but the convenience might just be worth the investment!

And augers?

When you buy a bin through Westeel, you are gaining access to AGI, one of the world's largest manufacturers of grain augers.  With sister brands such as Westfield, Batco and Wheatheart, we are certain to have a transfer or utility auger that is ideal for almost any size or volume of augering.

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