Flat Top Road-Vault® Mobile Petroleum Tanks

The newly redesigned line of Road-Vault® single wall slip tanks from Westeel set the bar for mobile and convenient fuel storage.

Their robust design has been engineered to provide environmentall safe mobile transportation of flammable or combustible liquids in a Transport Canada approved container.  Easy to install and move from truck to truck, the mobile single wall storage system delivers the standard features your mobile refueling application deserves, complete with an ownership on safe transport practices. 

Important features of this product include:

  • Embossed heads on 290L, 450L, 545L, 680L, and 830L models add stiffening properties
  • 285L, 290L, 450L, and 545L models have a low-profile design that can sit in the back of a pickup truck without obstructing the view out of the rear window
  • 285L model also fits between the wheel wells and back window, allowing the user to accommodate both the fuel tank and fifth wheel attachment
  • Circular pump mounts on all models eliminate coating issues
  • J-bolt tie down on all models allows for ease of installation and removal
  • Optional lifting lugs can be used to move the tank with fuel inside
  • Three standard fittings on all models, with optional extra fittings available
  • Integral baffle system on 830L, 680L, 545L, 450L, and 285L models increases sturctural rigidity and decreases fuel sloshing

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