Guardian Bin Monitoring Systems

Protect your profits with a handheld or remote bin monitoring system.

Protect your profits with a Guardian Bin Monitoring System. Guardian’s advanced temperature and moisture sensor technology and straight-forward user interface provide everything needed to make accurate storage management decisions. The simplified purchase and set up processes mean installation is quick and efficient. The Guardian Remote System can be monitored from anywhere in the world, and with a bin-to-home yard communication distance 10x further than the competing products, there has never been a more cost-effective way to monitor your harvest.


No more driving yard to yard, or walking bin to bin to monitor your grain conditions. The Guardian Remote System allows you to view up-to-date conditions for every bin in every yard online, from anywhere in the world. Conditions are measured automatically and sent to your account through a WiFi or Cellular connection. A simplified online user interface provides access to all critical and historical  storage information, while automated alarms alert you of potential problems before it’s too late. Protect your grain 24/7 with the Guardian Remote System.  


The Guardian Handheld Reader connects to each bin via a docking station, measuring the bin conditions at that moment and sending them directly to your phone. The Handheld Reader compares current conditions to the last time the bin was measured.  Making it the perfect system for checking on grain conditions until you are confident the grain will store safely until sold. 


The Guardian Handheld Reader Plus provides the same great features as the basic Handheld Reader system, while also storing bins’ historical conditions and data. This upgrade allows multiple users to view bin conditions and trends online from anywhere in the world. New data is added live each time someone takes a measurement at the bin.