Fuel-Vault™ Horizontal AST


Fuel-Vault™ Horizontal AST is the easiest and environmentally safest way to store flammable or combustible liquids. Available in many different sizes and with multi compartment configurations, demand Westeel's Fuel-Vault™ for your storage needs.


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Part #Model DescriptionApproximate WeightCapacityDiameterLength
264903Model HFV1300695 lbs300 Imp gal38 in73 in
264904Model HFV2250954 lbs500 Imp gal50 in73 in
264905Model HFV45001560 lbs1000 Imp gal50 in145 in
264921HDModel HFV85003000 lbs1886 Imp gal63 in168 in
285503HDModel HFV110003550 lbs2425 Imp gal63 in215.9 in
HFV15000Model HFV150006000 lbs3289 Imp gal93.5 in132.9 in
HFV25000Model HFV250008500 lbs5344 Imp gal93.5 in215.9 in
HFV35000Model HFV3500011000 lbs7610 Imp gal93.5 in309.8 in
HFV50000Model HFV5000015000 lbs10859 Imp gal117.9 in275.5 in
HFV65000Modèle HFV6500018500 lbs14132 Imp gal117.9 in358.5 in
HFV75000Model HFV7500021000 lbs16457 Imp gal117.9 in417.5 in
HFV80000Model HFV8000024500 lbs17363 Imp gal117.9 in440.5 in
HFV91500Model HFV9150027000 lbs20133 Imp gal125 in455.1 in
HFV100000Model HFV10000029000 lbs22143 Imp gal125 in500.5 in
HFV120000Model HFV12000037000 lbs26836 Imp gal137.75 in499.2 in


  • Turn Key Version with Wide Saddles
  • Custom opening configuration
  • Pumps
  • Custom colors available
  • Remote fill
  • Tank gauges
  • Stair/Ladder/Step packages
  • Overfill protection

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