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Engineered for superior strength without the use of interior or exterior stiffeners, Wide-Corr Farm Series grain bins are made of heavy gauge ultra-flat 4" corrugated G115 galvanized steel. Westeel's premium quality storage solution is a fully-expandable bin that provides the ultimate in bin clean-out.

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Part #Model DescriptionApproximate WeightCapacityDiameterEave HeightOverall Height
196022Model 2106E Wide Corr Farm Bin for Hopper5000 lbs6960 bu21 ft22.2 ft28 ft
195717LModel 2107 Wide Corr Farm Bin for Sealform6300 lbs8030 bu21 ft25.8 ft31.6 ft
195717Model 2107 Wide Corr Farm Bin6400 lbs8030 bu21 ft25.8 ft31.6 ft
196023Model 2107E Wide Corr Farm Bin for Hopper6600 lbs8030 bu21 ft25.8 ft31.6 ft
195718LModel 2108 Wide Corr Farm Bin for Sealform7500 lbs9090 bu21 ft29.5 ft35.3 ft
195718Model 2108 Wide Corr Farm Bin7600 lbs9090 bu21 ft29.5 ft35.3 ft
196024Model 2108E Wide Corr Farm Bin for Hopper8300 lbs9090 bu21 ft29.5 ft35.3 ft
195723LModel 2404 Wide Corr Farm Bin for Sealform4000 lbs6430 bu24 ft14.8 ft21.5 ft
195723Model 2404 Wide Corr Farm Bin4100 lbs6430 bu24 ft14.8 ft21.5 ft
195724LModel 2405 Wide Corr Farm Bin for Sealform4900 lbs7810 bu24 ft18.5 ft25.1 ft
195724Model 2405 Wide Corr Farm Bin5000 lbs7810 bu24 ft18.5 ft25.1 ft
195725LModel 2406 Wide Corr Farm Bin for Sealform6000 lbs9200 bu24 ft22.2 ft28.8 ft
195725Model 2406 Wide Corr Farm Bin6200 lbs9200 bu24 ft22.2 ft28.8 ft
195726LModel 2407 Wide Corr Farm Bin for Sealform7400 lbs10590 bu24 ft25.8 ft32.5 ft
195726Model 2407 Wide Corr Farm Bin7500 lbs10590 bu24 ft25.8 ft32.5 ft


  • SealForm foundation system
  • Full floor aeration
  • Circ-Air aeration
  • Roof vents
  • Roof rings (21' to 48')
  • EasyCheck temperature cables
  • Auger hood
  • Safety cages
  • Inside ladders
  • Hopper cones

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