Industrial Storage Bins

Westeel smoothwall and corrugated storage bins (or silos) are the perfect solution for plastic resin, pellet, powder and aggregate storage applications.

The Smoothwall Family

Optimal Strength

Fabricated in Saskatoon, SK and Nobleford (Lethbridge), AB, all Westeel Industrial smoothwall bins are constructed using heavy gauge steel.  They are expertly assembled to produce a perfectly round bin with extremely smooth assembly joints and an overall attractive appearance.  On Westeel bins the top and bottom cone sheets have been pressed to provide exceptional strength and greater impact resistance to structural damage.  Westeel's outside leg design is standard on all models and provides greater strength where it is needed, improving the transfer of vertical load onto the cone's legs.

Exceptional Cleanout

On Westeel Industrial smoothwall bins and silos the steep 40 or 55 degree cone slope and wide 19" opening help eliminate product hang-up and the potential for insect or mold contamination due to incomplete bin clean-out.  In addition, bins can be finished with a corrosion and friction resistant interior finish which features a slip additive and improves clean-out.

Long Lasting Finish

Westeel employs state-of-the-art finish processes on all Industrial smoothwall bins, providing superior protection from weather and corrosion.  These processes result in a highly durable chemical and scratch resistant finish suitable for the harshest weather and environmental conditions.

Corrugated Options

Westeel's renowned lineup of industrial corrugated bins offer a less expensive, more ship-friendly option to shop fabricated smoothwall bins.  With diameters ranging from 6' to 108' and options for both hoppered and flat bottom configurations, Look no further than AGI Westeel for your field erected dry storage needs.

Bin Pioneers

No company has more experience manufacturing storage systems than Westeel. Westeel helped pioneer steel-sided grain storage back in the 1920s and today, as one of North America’s largest producers of grain bins and tanks, Westeel continues to lead the industry in innovation, quality and product selection. All products are manufactured under the stringent requirements of ISO 9001, and employ the latest in computerized design and production technology throughout the manufacturing process. The result is products of superior quality and long-term value – products that represent the finest in commercial and on-farm grain storage available.

A Westeel Solution for Every Storage Need

Choosing the right storage system for your operation demands not only a careful analysis of both your short and long-term needs, but also an appreciation for the many factors that affect the overall product quality and functionality. Westeel offers a range of galvanized solutions to meet the diversity of needs and applications found today. Moreover, each one incorporates the latest innovations and science in storage technology, providing you confidence that the material you are protecting is indeed protected. If you seek the best in galvanized storage for your operation, you’ve found it in Westeel.

Westeel is an AGI brand

AGI is a leading manufacturer of handling, blending, storage and conditioning equipment. Our brands are amongst the most recognized in the industry. The AGI product catalog includes portable handling equipment (augers, belt conveyors, grain vacs), permanent handling systems (bucket elevators, enclosed belt conveyors, chain conveyors, structural) and storage systems (aeration, drying, bins/silos, monitoring) that service various sectors for industrial operations.

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