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Product Bulletin - May 7, 2012

Posted: May 07, 2012

Since 1905, Westeel has been proud of the quality of its products. We put high standards on the design and production of every item that we sell, with safety being a very important element. Recently, Westeel was informed of a situation where ladder clips (part # 234501) installed on some grain bin applications, showed signs of cracking.

Through its investigation, Westeel has determined the following:

  1. This is not a design issue, but rather a manufacturing issue that has now been corrected.
  2. This is ONLY a concern when clips are installed in a ladder/safety cage combination and this system is in extreme wind conditions.

Early on in our investigation, we found a number of examples of assembly issues related to the ladder/safety cage systems. The installation instructions should always be referred to for the correct installation of our products. Westeel urges all farmers with a ladder/safety cage system on their bin to do a full inspection and exercise caution when climbing the ladder/safety cage system

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